Hit-and-run driver crashes into Los Angeles vigil for man killed in hit-and-run


    A vigil for a cyclist killed in a hit-and-run crash in Los Angeles was disrupted when a pedestrian was struck by a car in another hit-and-run.

    One mourner attending the roadside service was hurt when a car smashed into the crowd, city authorities said.

    When police arrived at the scene, the furious crowd threw rocks and bottles, smashing a window of the officers’ vehicle.

    Both cars involved in the two crashes are now being hunted, reported KTLA, a Californian news channel which had reporters present at the vigil.

    More than 100 friends, family and fellow cyclists had gathered at the intersection of LA’s Normandie and Manchester avenues where 22-year-old Frederick Frazier had died a day earlier after being struck by a white Porsche Cayenne.

    But trouble flared as drivers struggled to get past the large crowd.

    The cyclists “basically took over the intersection” and blocked traffic, said LAPD Captain Rafael Ramirez.

    As a gold Toyota tried to get through, cyclists appeared to punch the car, reported KTLA. The driver got out and an altercation occurred before the car eventually sped away. But the vehicle returned a few minutes later, footage shows. It passed through a red light and struck the crowd, injuring one person, who was treated by paramedics and taken to a hospital.

    The crowd then turned on a passing police SUV.

    Captain Ramirez said: “The group started damaging the police car. Hitting the vehicle, kicking it, throwing the bikes at it, and then also breaking a window and slashing the tires.”

    Investigators are now gathering video from nearby businesses and questioning witnesses about both incidents.